Air freshener Four note

- Sep 19, 2017-

The public is advised to correctly understand the role of air freshener and its possible hazards. The following four points should be noted when using air freshener:

1. Indoors or in the vehicle has the infant, the asthma patient, the allergy physique person and the allergic disease person should use cautiously.

2. Spraying or lighting air freshener, it is best to temporarily evacuate the scene, to the majority of aerosol or particulate matter after the settlement into the room, before entering the doors and windows ventilation. 3. For toilet and bathroom deodorant, gas air freshener should be selected.

4. If you find a smell in the car, the owner should be in time to the car beauty shop disinfection and taste. The new car within six months of driving should be ventilated frequently to release the harmful gases in the vehicle.