Air freshener Precautions

- Sep 19, 2017-

1. Indoors has the infant, the asthma patient, the allergic physique person and the allergic disease person should use cautiously.

2. Spraying or lighting air freshener, it is best to temporarily evacuate the scene, to the majority of aerosol or particulate matter after the settlement re-enter, before entering the best open doors and windows ventilation.

3. The deodorization of toilets and bathrooms should be air freshener.

4. Can not rely too much on the air freshener, should fundamentally find out the cause of the stench and thoroughly remove, so that the room air really fresh.

Experts also pointed out that at home should try to avoid the use of 84 disinfectant, air freshener and other chemical substances disinfection, living indoors if there is no respiratory infectious disease, generally no need for frequent air disinfection.