New sources of air freshener

- Sep 19, 2017-

Many families in order to prevent the indoor pollution of the air, often like to use "incense" to deodorant, "air freshener", only from the name should be able to make the air clean, smell fresh, many consumers are just to buy and use this point. At present, the market, "air freshener" a wide variety of flavors are also different. So, do these "air fresheners" really satisfy people's desire to clean the air?

In daily life, because of the lack of ventilation in the room will inevitably accumulate odor, so many people hope to use air freshener to drive off odor, improve air quality. At the same time in the air emitting a faint fragrance, can refresh the brain, ease fatigue. So, whether the air freshener can be a veritable clean air, we interviewed the department of Chemistry of Tsinghua University Dr. Gian Yong.

The air freshener does not actually change the quality of the air because it uses another odor to mask the smell in the air.

At the same time, experts pointed out that the air freshener by ethanol, essence, deionized water and other components, through the distribution of fragrance to conceal the odor, to reduce people's sense of uncomfortable smell, the role of purifying the air, and canned products containing butane, propane and compressed nitrogen itself is volatile toxic substances, They can cause harm to the human body at the same time as the volatile fragrance.