The harm of air freshener

- Sep 19, 2017-

Now, the market's popular air freshener ingredients, mostly by ether and aromatic flavors, such as composition, these components released into the air, will decompose and degenerate, itself is a pollutant. Different air freshener, just add flavor different, taste not the same, so should understand its harm:

Polluting the environment

Air freshener, in fact, is to conceal the odor, and can not fundamentally eliminate the odor, so released into the air, itself is a kind of pollution substances, and his own decomposition, and produce hazardous substances, and some air freshener, there are some impurities, but also pollution of the environment of substances.

Produce allergies

Air freshener contains the ingredients, are organic, most will cause allergies, the respiratory tract will also have some strong stimulation, especially for some susceptible to allergies or allergic constitution of the person is more so.

Cause serious disease

Air freshener contains aromatic substances that can stimulate the human nervous system, affecting children's growth and development. The EC Consumer Association, through a survey, found that air fresheners can even induce diseases such as cancer.