Household Products Of Insecticides And Cockroach Pesticide For Fleas

Household Products Of Insecticides And Cockroach Pesticide For Fleas

A Adopt the new-generation hi-tech insect-killing components and kill flies and mosquito effectively and instantly B Obtains the Chinese rat damages and the hygienic insect pest guard against the system association to apply the recommendation product. C Used in the house,hotel,resturant,office,cinema,transpotation vehicles etc D Smokeless,no offensive odor

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 Household Products of Insecticides and Cockroach Pesticide for Fleas

Product Description

 Mosquitoes might be small, but they sure can cause big problems. Not only do the bites bring the inevitable itching, but they can deliver serious diseases, such Dengue, Malaria. We would like to recommed our HITZZ INSECT KILLER, Which can sovle this problem at once. 

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1. Active ingredient: tetramethrin and propellant

2. Volume: 200ML/300ML/400ML/450ML/500ML/600ML/750ML

3. Type: water base, oil base, alcohol base spray.

4. Fragrance of perfume: jasmine, lavender, sandal wood, lemon

5. Powerful and effective to kill mosquitoes, flies

6. Suitable to be used in households, hotels and restaurants, etc

7. OEM is welcome.



 Against flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects:

 1) Close doors and windows before spraying;

 2) Hold the can upright and spray for 4-6secs;

 3) keep doors and windows closed for 10-15 minutes and then provide ventilation .

 Against cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects:

 1) Spray hiding places and runways at a distance of 20-30cms or spray directly on to insects.

 2) Do not wash off treated surfaces



The insect repellent adopts low-toxicity materials with fresh smells

Specially designed to control pests



1. Not spraying toward human body, pets, food

2. Out of reach of children

3. Not dropping to fire, away from sunshine, heat source as well as inflammable and explosive materials

4. In case of intoxication, bring along a can to consult a professional physician immediately


We also can produce in your brand and free in your capacity requirements, such as 200ml, 300ml, 400ml, 450ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml.

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Divided Lid

Divided Lid


2014Cartons in 40''HQ 

2680Cartons in 40''HQ 

2680Cartons in 40''HQ 


Why buy from us:

1) We are producer & have our owned factory as well as a professional technical team.

2) All the items are our owned brand with unique design.

3) Our insecticides are effective in killing all flying and crawling insects in a short period of time without harm to human body.

4) There is no complaint about our products' effectiveness from markets and customers that we sold our products to in the last 7 years.

5) Our products are suitable for long-distance transportation. And are made for use in different environments such as Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia pacific & America, etc

Company Information 

Guangzhou Konnor Daily Necessities Co., Ltd, founded in 2012,has 6 years experience in the field of daily chemicals, specializes in study, development and production of insecticide, mosquito coil, spray starch, washing laundry, body lotion, sanitizers, hand washing and so on.
Mainly exports to Africa, South American and South-East Area. Office address is Block B Rm 601,Hengsheng Building, No.205 Huanshi Zhong Rd., Guangzhou, China.
Factory production base locates in Xindu Industrial Area of Shanwei, with first branch factory in Lufeng.
Currently, our company has 4 QAJ automatic pesticide production lines, 6 automatic mosquito production lines, 8 sets of automatic packaging machines.
The production schedule: 4000 cartons for daily production of insecticide; 6000 cartons for daily production of mosquito coil.


1.Q:Will the goods be damaged in transit?

 A:NO. Don't worry about that.We have a professional packaging term.Considering it needs to be the long distance transportation,we specially customize double layer corrugated carton.

  2.Q:Can you supply the OEM service?

  A:Yes,we can. You need to send your artwork to me and then we will arrange service for you.

 3.Q:Is it smells good?   

 A:Our product is the oil base,but we add some formula so that it can produce the lemon perfume,tuberose perfume.We also can accept the customized fragrance.





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