Mortein Indoor Spray Insecticide China Insecticide Solvents

Mortein Indoor Spray Insecticide China Insecticide Solvents

Mortein Spray Insecticide Diameter: 65mm Height: 198mm Type: Oil based, Alcohol based and water based. Packing: 24cans/carton

Product Details

                Mortein Indoor Spray Insecticide China Insecticide Solvents





Mortein Multi-Insect Killer Spray is a fast-acting multi-insectkiller that effectively kills mosquitoes and other insects. It also protects you from Dengue and Zika. Your deserve the best!

Key Feature

Powerful and effective to kill mosquitoes,flies,cockroaches,bugs and other insects
Suitable to be used in households,hotels and restaurants,etc
Made of high-graded raw material
Economy and durability
OEM service is accepted

Direction for use

Firstly, Close all the doors and windows before spraying
Secondly, Gently shake the can body before using
Thirdly, Hold the can body and spray for 4-6secs
Finally, After 10-15mins,open the door and windows to ventilate,then people can enter the room again


Function Powerful insecticides aerosol: easily kill mosquitoes, gnats, flies, cockroaches, Asian lady beetles, ants,etc
Sizes 300ml, 400ml, 600ml, 750ml (as per customer's requirement)
Fragrances Lemon, rose, jasmine, lavender, orange, sandalwood,etc
State Spray, oil based or water based Aerosol Insecticides
Place of use Home, offices, clubs, hotels etc.
Toxicity / validity Micro-poisonous / 2-3 years
Attention Our package is suitable for long distance transportation.

Loading Quantity

300 52 33.5*22.5*24.5 1500 4200
400 52 33.5*24*25.4 1350 3200
600 65 42*27.1*29.3 850 2100
750 65 42*28.5*36 650





1).Keep out of reach of children.

2).Protect the can from the sunlight and do not expose to temperature exceeding 50°C.

3).Do not piece or burn even after use.

4).Do not spray on naked flame or any incandescent material.





1 Can you do customized designs and package
Yes, we provide OEM service.

2 Why MOQ?
We are manufacturer, manufacturing for client by order. The moq up on the MOQ of material. If any stock or using our design, the moq will be low.

3 How about payment ?
30% deposit, the balance before shipping.
T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union.

4 How about sample and shipping charge ?
One stock samples will be free, shipping charge by your side.
Sample in stock in 3days, custom sample 5-7days.


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Who am I ? This is Mortein insecticide spray for Africa, Pakistan, Middle Easter market. I can kill mosquitoes within 10 seconds and effectivce time can last two weeks. Wanna more information or get free samples, please contact us.Non harmfulr for human. Fast action for killing insects. Eco-friendly


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