Determination Of Virulence Of Insecticides

- Sep 19, 2017-

1. Spray method: Simulation of the actual prevention and control in the case of the design of the spray method, in order to reduce the test error, so that every test insect to receive the same dose as possible, the sprayer has a certain pressure, so that the fog point size consistent, spray uniformity.

2. Liquid Immersion method: The test insects are placed in different concentrations of diluted liquid in the immersion, immediately take out, put on the absorbent paper to absorb too much liquid medicine, into each group of containers, give fresh leaves for feed, containers affixed gauze or gauze nets, reared indoors, recording room temperature, observe the different time poisoning death situation.

3. Drug membrane Method: Spraying the medicament on a certain area of the surface, forming a layer of uniform drug membrane (commonly used pad with filter paper culture dish, or take the needles out of the liquid, and then let the pest of the test on the above, any time they contact with the drug membrane, then move back to the normal container feeding, or in the process of contacting the drug membrane, Observe the death of poisoning.

4. Drip method: Use the quantitative medicine micro drop, drip in the back of the breast of the test insect, and then observe the death of poisoning regularly. The advantage of this method is that the dose can be used for each gram of insect body (common micrograms), the dosage is easy to control, the test error is small, the disadvantage is time-consuming, the treatment of solvents, drip parts and droplets of the size of the poison. In adopting this law, these factors should be taken into account and the best possible agreement can be obtained to obtain accurate results.