Development Of Aerosol Insecticides

- Sep 19, 2017-

Hygienic Aerosol Insecticides (hereinafter referred to as aerosol insecticides). Since 1982, the first successful development in China, because of its good killing effect, easy to carry, use, storage, effective rapid, accurate and other unique advantages of rapid development. The results of 1992 show that the total annual production of insecticide aerosol in China reaches 50 million cans. With the rapid development of insecticidal aerosol, the problem of product quality has been paid more and more attention by people. However, how to evaluate the quality of insecticide aerosol products? Most producers, distributors and users often simply use their biological effects to evaluate product quality, ignoring the many other important factors that affect product quality. As we all know, since aerosol technology is a multidisciplinary, comprehensive technology, from the overall point of view of aerosol products, it is not a simple addition of container, valve, propellant and insecticidal active ingredient, but also relates to the use effect, safety and economy, and should conform to the World Health Organization (WHO) Regulations on pesticide toxicity. Therefore, on the quality of aerosol insecticide products, we should evaluate the product's physical and chemical properties, biological effects and safety 3 major aspects.