Effects Of Pesticides

- Sep 19, 2017-

A study in France and Argentina confirms that long-term exposure to pesticides has an impact on male fertility. They advise people to use pesticides carefully and pay attention to the adverse effects of environmental pollution on human health.

According to an expert at the National Institute of Health and Medicine in France, the study was conducted in an important agricultural area where pesticides were used very frequently in Argentina. The researchers tested semen in 189 infertile men in the region, and found that the sperm count and vigor in these men's semen were well below normal levels. Further studies have shown that the hormone secretion of these men has been severely disrupted. Compared with normal males, the secretion of two alcohol in males who have been living in the pesticide environment for a long time is increased, while the secretion of luteinizing hormone, which plays an important role in stimulating testis, decreases.

The expert said that the testicle is the male's important genital organ, is also the human body to the environment the chemical harmful substance one of most sensitive organs. According to their study, the pesticides diffuse in the air, the harmful substances of the first direct effect on the testicles, resulting in the victim's hormone secretion imbalance, and ultimately affect the entire reproductive system, resulting in male semen quality decline or infertility.