Effects Of Pesticides On Fetuses

- Sep 19, 2017-

The early months of pregnancy are a critical period for fetal brain development, and if mothers are pregnant in the summer, they are inevitably exposed to the use of pesticides. "People use pesticides in farmland and at home, while in summer people have the most chance of exposure to pesticides." Continuous exposure to pesticides can affect the hormonal secretion of pregnant women, and thus affect fetal brain development. ”

In support of this conclusion, a previous study by Winchester found that excessive exposure of pregnant women to pesticides could cause preterm birth in infants, and that pesticides could cause thyroid disease in expectant mothers, affecting fetal development.

But other explanations are also being offered by researchers. They believe that the food consumed by the mother during pregnancy is closely related to the season and that there are different epidemics in each season of the year. Both factors can affect the health and brain development of newborns.