Precautions For Aerosol Insecticides

- Sep 19, 2017-

Aerosol insecticide is inflammable and explosive pressure-bearing products, but also related to the quality of life of millions of households. The market on the sale of insecticide aerosol variety, quality is uneven, genuine. Common quality problems in use aerosol tanks with liquid medicine in the leakage of the valve body, valve spring rust can not be pressed under, spraying liquid or can only spray large droplets, bad insecticidal effect, tank deformation and the residual dose in the tank too many quality problems, which not only seriously damage the interests of consumers, but also caused greater environmental pollution. Therefore, AQSIQ requires all parts of the quality and technical supervision departments in accordance with the results of this supervision, and effectively do a good job in the rectification of unqualified enterprises, the promotion of qualified products, guide consumption, to production enterprises of the insecticide aerosol product quality and strengthen supervision, and urge enterprises to improve quality to better protect the interests of consumers.