Sensitivity Of Pesticides

- Sep 19, 2017-

1, chlorpyrifos in melon seedling use easy to produce drug harm, and avoid in some crops flowering season.

2. Malathion-containing pesticides are sensitive to melons, pears, peaches, grapes, legumes and cruciferous and tomato seedling crops when used in high concentrations, and are not suitable for use.

3, contains the oxygen music, the pesticide in the sorghum some varieties, mat, tobacco, jujube, peach, plum, apricot, cherry, citrus, olives on the use of high concentrations of drugs prone to drug damage, should avoid use.

4, Triazole phosphorus pesticide should not be used in fruit cane, easy to produce drug harm.

5, Phoxim due to see light decomposition, to avoid the growth of watermelon, radish and leaf vegetables at the seedling stage of use (not even in the growing period), other crops to avoid the use of strong light conditions.

6, the water amine parathion is unfavorable in the fruit tree, the vegetable, the Mulberry field use, uses in the peach tree easily to produce the deciduous drop-drop.

7, Insecticidal double, insecticidal single ingredient pesticides on cotton, beans, potatoes using easy to produce drugs, in the summer high wet season use of cruciferous is also easy to produce drug harm. The Insecticidal double in the production practice discovered that uses in the citrus also has the medicine harm to produce, should use carefully.

8, including Trichlorfon, Dichlorvos, phosphorus (Dichlorvos precursor) pesticides on corn, beans, melon seedlings sensitive, the sorghum has drug damage.