The Difference Between Pesticides

- Sep 19, 2017-

Organic pesticides are chemical pesticides, the essential difference between the two is like biological weapons and chemical weapons, it is popular to say that biological pesticides are to allow pests to die of colds, chemical pesticides are directly to kill pests. China Pesticide First NET hereby give you the following information, for reference only: I. Chemical pesticides

People who grow crops know the dangers of pests, especially those that eat the leaves and fruit of crops.

Since ancient Greece and the Roman era, farmers have tried to fight pests with pesticides. In the 20th century, scientists looked for a truly powerful pesticide that could be used for large-scale agricultural production. 1939, a breakthrough took place. At the time, Swiss scientist D. found that a chemical called "DDT" (two chloro-dichloroethane) was a potent insecticide.

There are many kinds of microbial pesticides, more than 2000 species have been found, according to microbial classification can be divided into bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa and nematodes. Domestic research and development applications and the formation of commercial products are mainly bacteria-like pesticides, fungal pesticides, virus insecticides and antibiotic-like pesticides.

Bio-pesticides are mainly divided into: Bacillus thuringiensis, insect virus, plant extracts 3 categories, with easy access, low cost, long control period, high efficiency, economy, safety, non-polluting, and environmental high compatibility and other characteristics, is the production of pollution-free green vegetables the best choice of pesticides.